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  1. Hi. Is this problem solved in newer vesions of CCLEANER or is a Windows bug? thanks
  2. Hi. Thanks in advance. I have been researching about this. And yes, I know that is a EEUU restriction to some countries. Here are 3 or 4 big ISP. Movistar, Vodafone, Orange. Jazztel is a subsidary of Orange group. And I can read in forums that recently, it purchased IPs range from ARIAN NETWORK (IRAN), and this is the problem. Not all geolocation data base are up to date. I don't know why there isn't a central database of geolocation where this information is catched. I don't know why are some databases over the world and why they aren't synced to any central database. Why this does not working as ICANN/IANA do with INTERNET domains names? I have been complain to jazztel but I don't have the problem solved yet. They don't explain anything to me. I read something about IP ASN. Many geolocation databases that I test, shows the correct IP ASN (to orange isp provider, UNI2 NETWORK) and SPAIN contry, but few shows ARIAN NETWORK ASN (in IRAN, grgrgrgr). The problem is that the newer companies (although they already have some years) do not have enough IP ranges for the increase of users in recent times. Movistar is the oldest company, and it does not have these IP problems, since it will have reserved most of them, but jazztel, masmovil, YOIGO, etc., have these IP problems and are applying CGNAT, and the IP ranges that they bought other countries. If you can do anything, I'll be very greatful. I can send you the public IP address I having. (It changes when OFF/ON the router, but most of the range granted fail). Try this ip: Thanks you.
  3. If I test my IP with https://geoiptool.com/, it shows that is from IRAN. But if I test with another gelocation services, such as https://www.ripe.net, then my IP gelocation is SPAIN. Which piriform database uses that is not updated?
  4. I need know what IP geolocation is CCLEANER using. With that information I could test things and claim to jazztel. Thanks.
  5. Hi. I already found that because I use search before posting. I discovered that should be a IP geolocation problem, but I don't understand why. I report that to jazztel ISP but it does solve me anything, because if you geolocaize that public IP, it appear from spain, but CCLEANER could use another database of geolocatión, I don't know how this is working. Yesterday with a customer mine, I have problem with a SAMSUNG SMART TV. When I reset the SMARTHUB (Smart TV APPs), the terms and conditions appears in arab language even though I selected country SPAIN. This is something of IP geolocation problems. When I connected the smartv by smartphone internet sharing (with another IS provider), then, the terms and conditions of smarthub license appears in the right language (spanish). Is very strange thing. I read in spanish forum that jazztel is buying IP's from anothers country or something like that, and the geolocation data base is not being updated in all world. Which geolocation database ccleaner uses and why is not updated? This is a serious problem for me, because I'm a IT professional and another day, W10 Windows Update also not worked with a conectivity servers error, but It does not specify the real problem, that they was thinking I live in another country, not permited country such Iran or something similar. Now W10 Windows Update works, but not CCLEANER. Is something relies in geolocation databases, that not being sincronized and updated. I need help. Thanks and sorry my english.
  6. Hi. I'm from Spain and I got problems every time I try opening CCLEANER 5.53.x I have Jazztel ISP provider. I view in whatsismyip.com webpage the IP geolocation and its appears to be from Spain. I don't know why this occur. I can't use the program in none of my network computers. All having the same problem. I try to shutdown the ISP router to obtain another public IP, but I have the same problem. What can I do? Sorry my english. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for responses. It only cleans some event logs. I remember that cleans correctly the app EVENTLOG, but security, installation and system logs aren't cleaned. I guess we'll have to wait I hope they fix it soon, but they does not answer to this post Regards.
  8. Nobody?? I test 5.52 6967 and same failure. Can't clean windows system event logs in Windows 10 v1809 x64 Spanish edition. Nobody can help me? It Is a known bug? Thanks.
  9. Hi. I recently update from Windows 10 v1803 to Windows 10 October 1809 and I can't clean Windows System event log. The program clean apps and other logs in windows event viewer but system log clean is not working. I installed some lower older version to try but not working too. Seems to be a problem with the latest microsoft update or anything similar. I don't know. Thanks and sorry my english.
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