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  1. ok I figured it out how to apply above solution.
  2. I have the exact same problem, everything was working fine until I decided to install chrome beta, now somehow ccleaner doesn't see my chrome beta, I mean there is no even chrome section under applications tag on ccleaner interface, it sees only opera and ie, when I reinstall ccleaner now it came with regular chrome and I have 2 different chrome version, and it sees only regular one. Chrome Beta is installed in default location, also "Save all settings to INI file" is not enabled, also my registry keys are not empty there are bunch of string files in it. I also didn't understand what do you mean by ccleaner.ini file? where is it? I do not see any ini files in registries nor in installed folder. I am scratching my head here, any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I tought I was very clear, I want to keep the language and locations settings of youtube and the same time delete the all history, I know there must be a way cause ccleaner on my pc at home does that, as you can see picture below, youtube is not even on the cookies list, but when I run cleaner it deletes all the history and keeps the language and location settings, I tried intellegent scan also but couldn't manage it, if I add youtube to cookies to keep side, then it doesn't delete anything at all, so could ccleaner recognize my settings eventually and stop deleting those settings by itself or is there any other way to do that? the link you send, I already read that there is no info about my question in there, or am I missing something?
  4. Hello, As title says it, I want to keep Youtube language and locations settings while deleting all the history, The thing is; my pc at home already does that, it deletes all the history but keeps the language and locations settings of youtube, but I couldn't manage to do that my other pc at office, I checked all the settings, make them all the same but it didn't work. When I exclude youtube, it keeps everything, history ...etc etc, so should I enable intelegent scan and wait for Ccleaner to recognize my youtube settings and keep them by itself? I am scratching my head here, thanks in advanced for any help.
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