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  1. I'm using CC free version. I've tried the regedits to '0' for the software updater entries and initially that worked and the software updater didn't show up. Now though if I run ccleaner it instantly resets those entries to '1' and the software updater is back, even though useless in the free version. I don't find it a real problem though. One funny thing I'm surprised no-one has mentioned is that the Piriform program Speccy shows up in the up to date program list as having "Unknown publisher".
  2. The ads don't appear if you turn off your internet connection before opening Ccleaner and if you set Ccleaner not to start on computer start. Then if you want to check for updates leave the internet connection on occasionally when you use Ccleaner and simply close the advert. That said, they might create a stealthy process that runs without specific permission and gets the adverts ready for later...
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