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  1. We all purchased the product under that impression. Even 'cleverbridge' who sold the product believed so. They've corrected the error now, of course. Now it says 1-year subscription unless you check the box for auto-renewal. What baffles me though is they won't even utter as much as an apology to those who fell victim to their miscommunication before it was rectified!
  2. @Ben Piriform This new development calls for a proper response.
  3. Agreed. The least they can do is aknowledge the situation and compensate those affected.
  4. That's a shame, however this breach of contract should still be covered by applicable EU consumer laws (Avast is based in Czech Republic). The evidence is pretty clear at this point.
  5. I agree with the above posters that the apparently yearly subscription was severely undercommunitated, and thus shouldn't be considered valid. There are laws for that in the UK, where Piriform Ltd. resides. The company is supposed to provide the customer with all needed information about the product at point of purchase, pursuant to the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 c. 15 s. 11(1). Retroactive expiration of licenses is likely covered by c. 15 s. 11(5) in the same law, which says the customer have to agree to the change in license terms for it to be valid. Even the country of residence in which the customer resides would likely deem this illegal by their legislation. Anyhow, I'm attaching my own invoice from Cleverbridge, further proofing that no word of a subscription was found. EDIT: Comparing a product key request from 2016 and a newly inquired one seals the suspicion of retroactive expiration of my license.
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