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  1. OOOPs Sorry folks..I checked my settings again and for some reason my browser was checked for notification...not without notification
  2. I have my CCleaner Pro set to automatic clean without notification...now all of a sudden I keep getting notification of a clean every time I close my browser please help as it is annoying
  3. Thanks WILLY2...I'll just leave it alone
  4. Thanks ..I just installed cleanmem...don't see any icon on desktop...so is there anything I have to do to set it up
  5. Thanks Nergal...reason I'm asking...I have a program System Mechanic which I am cancelling... but one of the setting is 'Recover Memory"...so are you saying this is is not done by defrag..
  6. Does defraggler defrag memory...recovering RAM
  7. What's new in the latest update CCleaner Pro...5.74.8184
  8. Just updated to 5.68.7820...what is different
  9. Follow up on last post...on reading the documentation it says the latest version has added "Crash Reports " for deletion...so does that mean it deletes these crash reports after they have been shown ..not do away with crash reporting ...I use Firefox...I know I'm not very bright
  10. I just updated to the latest CCleaner Pro...5.67.7763 (64) bit...No problems, but curious what is the difference in this up date from the last one
  11. Hey Nukecad...Thanks for all the info
  12. When using Health Check..it will pick up a tracker...any idea how to find out who is tracking
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