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  1. Well said. I wish they would use this just to help us understand. It could go a long way. They are not the first company to be bought by a bigger company and then change the business model to make more money. It's not even the price that upsets me. It's the transparency and lack of engagement with some loyal users.
  2. Wow mods and devs so quick to enforce rules but any kind if response regarding the theft of our money goes silent. Lol it would have been better to ignore the above post for nergal.
  3. I agree with all three. Its questionable tactics. I am glad the tech commented, I just wish it was something useful. Short of lying in the comment it's really not useful of they are forcing a new policy on old users.
  4. Its astonishing that a piriform tech commented on this thread and now they have gone quite on us. Its sad when good companies fall prey to larger companys (cough avast cough). This seems like a repeat of Norton ghost. Now that used to be the best 15 years ago lol.
  5. Ya I got a popup for cyber Monday for the same thing. I'm glad I uninstalled. Treat your customers like dirt and we will leave. Plenty of other products out there.
  6. ^ this is what i was trying to say. And this is comming from a moderator! Someone DM me when its resolved. i found malwarebytes has a nifty cleanup feature very simaler to ccleaner but a little less thorough.
  7. I just signed up for a forum account to say this one thing. This bait and switch is bullcrap. I have used CCleaner since its launch and became a pro user 3 years ago in early 2015. NO WAY IN HELL was i ever told about having to renew. This is pure nonsense. I am so annoyed with this new popup that says I am expired all of a sudden 3 years later. So annoyed i will just use another tool like a lot of people will probably do until avast gets its head out of its but and fixes piriform's products. Its a wonder company's don't look to Amazon for example for success. The customer comes first no matter what!
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