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  1. Why do you need to resort to this type of sneaky unethical promotion in the first place? Why not make it opt-in instead. Are you that desperate for revenue? I had no idea you were cramming Avast down my throat. There was NO WARNING. I already tried this product and it caused a conflict. I just wasted 3 hours getting rid of a crappy product that I didn't know was there and that you forced on me. I can't believe a disk cleanup product would install malware on my machine. You have completely violated the trust that was placed with you. Even worse, you engage in public arguments with your customers to try to justify your misdeed. I'll be getting a refund from you. Only I'll be a douche bag just like you were. Instead of politely asking you for a refund I'll contest the charge with my credit card company and force a chargeback fee on you.
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