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  1. After having trialled an alternative I have now removed CCleaner from 4 PCs and replaced it. On 3 android devices i have removed the truly awful CCleaner and replaced it with a very well reviewed alternative. Have you noticed that not a single Avast/Piriform person has posted here? They do not care about users.
  2. Why are you people posting in a thread 11 years old? You should have started a NEW THREAD.
  3. Anything they can do go make more money they do it. Their main competitor doesn't
  4. I have decided to dump CCleaner Inc the android version) as I'm fed up with the mess it has become since Piriform was bought by the truly awful Avast. [Competition software] is better and has NO POP UPS.
  5. Constant black Friday Pop ups are pain in the rear. It's even worse in the Android version. I'm likely to end my 15 year use of CCleaner since it has increasing become a piece of spam
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