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  1. Also to note...the changes are coming every 2 weeks...not once a month...Oct 28th and Nov 13th are the download dates on the last two. That is 2 weeks, so enough with the marketing BS. Bugs my ass.
  2. Personally I find it more of a marketing ploy with all the constant updates...alot of the security crap they are claiming to be updating can be done within the program without requiring a complete download and install. Too many software programs get bugs if you install over the top of them...which, like several posters here, I delete the original program and install the new one so the install is fresh. Still think it is a marketing ploy since every time you download you get a ton of upgrade marketing spam. Well it is free, but it is still BS to have to go thru such crap just to update.
  3. I agree with the original poster...it is odd the amount of updates this program goes thru...and why not just an update from within the program instead of a completely new install every time? And the fact you get spammed with all the upgrade to paid program BS is getting old. It is almost as if they are forcing everyone who hasn't upgraded to go thru the upgrade spiel claiming it is upgrade time..when it fact it is just a marketing ploy?
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