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  1. Are the continual pop-ups to upgrade to Professional an active policy to infuriate users? Back around Christmas we had the "Today only" which lasted about a week, several times a day and for the last few days there's been another one a few times a day. Saying I'll pass or no thanks once should be enough, twice at the most. If anything, in my case it makes me even more determined to not upgrade.
  2. I tried installing v5.63 and immediately got a Health Check popup so I uninstalled it again. There's obviously something, somewhere that uninstalling doesn't clear.
  3. Right, that was the last Health Check popup I'll see. Uninstalled. Goodbye.
  4. So far, I'm managing to resist uninstalling permanently. I'm not going to last much longer if I continue getting the daily plugs for Health Check. Do something - NOW
  5. I've switched the start screen to Custom Clean in >Options > Settings but I'd prefer it to go away permanently. Have I got to wait for another update, or as it's been installed once, am I stuck with it? To me, it seems poor design to introduce something in a trusted program that at a glance just looks like another UI change but when used it overrides the previous settings. I'm extremely irritated about the History being deleted and I don't want any chance of it happening again.
  6. I'm another one of the guinea pigs for Quick Clean on Windows, 7 in my case, and I didn't like it at first sight. I realise, particularly in this case as it's designed for Android, that a lot of software is designed for touch screens, but to me it's more than irritating when I get gigantic buttons or the like on an ordinary desktop monitor. Surely it can't be that difficult to offer an option of a touch screen or not UI? I didn't notice the Custom Clean option so clicked on Quick Clean. I disliked it even more when I discovered it had wiped my last X months of Internet History, despi
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