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  1. Moved every piece of electronic equipment to different locations in the house and the noise still comes from the corner that the computer was in. Still a complete mystery where the buzzing sound is coming from as there is nothing in the area left that would be able to make this type of noise and the buzzing is too soft to be coming through the wall from outside. I will have to just wait until one day it makes the noise while I am sitting right next to it so I can narrow down what the source is. Anyway, for now, we know its not the computer which was my main concern. Thanks for the help everyone!
  2. Im at a complete loss now. I have unplugged the computer from power altogether and the noise still continued so I unplugged everything in that area from power completely just to test and the noise still happens a couple times a day just like before. Any thoughts on what it could be? Could speakers, the tower, or anything make a periodic buzzing noise when completely unplugged from a power outlet?
  3. Looks like disabling the wake up timers did not solve the issue. Any ideas of what I should try next?
  4. Alright I have disabled the wake up timers so we will see if the noise stops happening. I will update you guys if it worked or not.
  5. I am powering off the PC not putting it into sleep. Fast startup is enabled. I have cleaned off the jack for the speakers so we will see if that does anything, however, I generally have my speakers turned off as well when the PC is powered down. If it were the power supply, what would be the cause/solution?
  6. My computer is making a buzzing noise just audible enough to be heard across the room every once in a while. Like 4 times a day-ish. This noise happens despite the computer being turned off, although still plugged in to the power. Any ideas where the noise could be coming from and how to resolve the issue?
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