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  1. I wish for the address in USA for a BBB complaint to be sent to piriform/ccleaner. I wish to file a BBB complaint about a moderator team member. (This is recorded)
  2. What do you recommend as a replacement... for ccleaner?
  3. Who in there right mind would want Ccleaner/Piraform to update there computer? This should be done from Microsoft. This IS done by Microsoft. We PC users have issues with updates as it is. Updates for motherboard drivers should be done from the company the motherboard is made.. ASUS, Gigabyte etc. NOT ccleaner. Microsoft notifies you of Microsoft approved updated drivers. WHY WOULD ANYONE want to start to trust a 3rd party like Piraform via Ccleaner to do this? Outdated website too. The first thing needs to be considered here is thi
  4. Not only that, but even if you get PRO the features aren't showing, and the support simply said they wish to privately explain why? (Then the thread got closed)
  5. It has been reported, even if you do upgrade.. you still get the pop up.
  6. What notebook is it? Can you upgrade the HDD? You can youtube search or google search for your name notebook 'xyz notebook hard drive replacement' . Especially if it is Windows 8.1.. I'm 100% sure you can change the HDD to an SSD. You can check 'Slickdeals' 'Fry's' 'Microcenter' 'Newegg' 'Amazon' for good SSD sales. If you buy an SSD for it (which are cheap now days) the SSD's usually come with a 'clone' program to simply copy over your old hard drive to new. Therefore you have all the space you need and your 'specific' problem is solved. You will also need an enclos
  7. I have downloaded Ccleaner in the past, scanned it and there was nothing found....NOTHING found. Now that AVAST is in control, there is crap found in almost EVERY version. For those that ridicule me for pointing that out ..... In your neck. ...and yet, every time I show ( NO, I HOLD YOUR HAND ) how I found something, you guys have sOMe excuse for it. "#portable# 'Oh it's this'... 'oh it's that'... There should not be anything in this (like it used to be). Every Freakn (Yes, I did change this) Time. NOW there is
  8. I don't know, are you guys not reading my posts or something? I don't get it. I did not download Ccleaner from a 3rd party site. The .ru is what I found IN that download. I am saying, I downloaded Ccleaner from that https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds website, and the .ru was IN IT. Do we understand each other now? ? I dare to check again .. shall I ? LOL Lets do the portable version. : ) Just looking at the findings on that is scary to me. I know it doesn't show .ru, things seem to change every time I re download and check. I
  9. The thread started out by including screenshots. The screenshot has a web address from Virustotal.com
  10. I downloaded my versions from a link from a Ccleaner email from a support ticket i put in. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  11. Hi Andavari, Thank you for your reply I am however concerned on your replies to this thread. YOU are the one that posted YOUR findings of VirusTotal scan (Which I NOW find out you don't have a simple log in set up to VirusTotal) First, you said there is no findings on the slim version of ccsetup 553. I then expanding the ccsetup553_slim.exe for YOU and even edit the screenshot to show you where to look. Now reply by saying Then why are you using that scan result to answer a thread here on the forums? Now, I have another concern with you
  12. This topic is not currently been answered. I am seeing UI changes when opening Ccleaner to use. I opened Ccleaner to use and there was a Quick Scan icon ontop of the normal scan button. ( never seen that before ). What was weird is it went away all on its own back to normal. I did not uninstall that version and install another, it changed on the same version. This is why I decided to remove all piriform related software from my PC now. I see pop ups appearing. I am reading the pop up is only supposed to happen once and go away. There is discussion to block the coo
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