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  1. what i mean is that taskbar jump list could not exist and be added to Recent documents option in the program Recent documents may do both things
  2. ok after i've unchecked that option it stops delete them . i thougth that it uses the recent documents option thats also unchecked, i think that makes more sense recent documents to this part because its not related with taskbar....
  3. i have the last version of CCleaner and it keeps deleted so i hope a fix for this
  4. Mine desappear after i run CCleaner
  5. i dont have any option to do that i just have recent files and recent folders like that image posted before
  6. Does it happend to you you also? but you recent folders stays because the have the pin wich are the main widnows folders like docs downloads and desktop or all other that you have pinned
  7. Yes is that folders that two list frequent folders and recent files , as you can see you just have there desktop downloads and documents and you can see there the pin icon that ones it dont delete from there but all others are deleted and also all recent files. Frequent files also gone unless are with the pin They all gone when you close the icon or go to other place i'm on win 10 v2004 but it also occurs on other build versions
  8. its all the list from recent files and frenquent folders Advanced has no ticks there
  9. i have made now a clean install because it was updated before. Still the same after run it the list and folder are empty Tried to tick and untick but dont work
  10. yes it just desappear after i use ccleaner i have the default for this part :
  11. it also removes recent folder in explorer ( the ones that are not manually added to the list i dont have to manually pin them to the list So frequent folder list are also deleted( the ones that are not pinned on the list)
  12. i'm using custom clean and its on Widnows explorer i click on file explorer folder in the start bar (yellow) then on the left of that windows select the frist option (i dont know in english but should be fast access[ the blue star icon]) then my list is empty https://prnt.sc/u3fcx8
  13. hi, i have the lastest version v.5.70.7909 and i have recent documents unchecked as you can see in the image bellow. and the problem is that my recent opened file list gets deleted https://prnt.sc/u3fc67 and https://prnt.sc/u3fcx8 Can you fix this or give an option not to delete that? i think i've already unchecked Recent Documents but not working its not working from a long time ago...
  14. hi, i see that v5.48 and previous versions keep deleting recent documents however this in untick on program. I attach some image and hope that you fix it soon
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