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  1. Yes, it's more than a little irritating. Thank you for your advice, I will look into Revo. I'm not expecting to need it to remove CCleaner, but I guess it would work there too. It's ironic, I have been a CCleaner fan for some years and was on the point of upgrading to a paid version, but that isn't going to happen now. Software companies operating in the security area just don't seem to understand how important trust is. Installing software without express permission and then being unable to provide utilities to remove it properly, show of a lack of professionalism combined with incompetence. So it's goodbye CCleaner and Avast, I wish them all the success they deserve.
  2. I recently updated CCleaner only to find that Avast AV software had been installed without me requesting it. I have read that this is justified since all PCs should run AV software. That is arguable, however I do not understand why the Avast installation script did not detect that I already have Sophos AV installed. Running two different AV software packages at the same time is not recommended. To add insult to injury I am not unable to completely remove Avast. I have run AvastClear.exe and AvastClear10r4.exe in Safe Mode as Administrator after first removing Sophos AV. However, after this, there are still Avast Registry entries and also a number of files that I am unable to remove. This may be seen as an Avast problem rather than a Piriform one, but since Piriform are responsible for me being in this position I would appreciate some assistance in resolving the matter.
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