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  1. Hi, I have more or less same software: NoAdware Avast Free CCleaner WinXP firewall WinXP updates I used Spyware Doctor, and if you really have to remove one of the two remove Spyware Doctor. Spybot seems better. The best thing to do is leave them running both. Spyboth does not run in the backround so it won't take much 'space' Karl
  2. Hi, Too many extensions slow down the browser... I have Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar ... and use Flashblock. Flashblock blocks flash, and it is very cool, you still can watch flash just by clicking on an F Button. Nandu: Html composer, is great... and I created a complete site using Nandu. NoScript: Blocks scripts if you are having script programs. (no longer use this but it is good) Karl
  3. Hi, I used to run CCleaner great, and it was the best program I ever had. Now, some of the features are not working well. Cleaning applications feature takes long, and then a message says: "CCleaner has encoutered a problem and needs to shut down. Send or not send error report to Microsoft" Confused! Karl
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