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  1. Hi, By CCleaner Version 5.47.6716 if we clean System, it not clean 'Recent Files' from Notepad++ Version 7.5.8. I kept my Notepad++ at location 'F:\Applications\Notepad++\'. Here I attached screenshots. I dont know from which version It stop cleaning 'Recent Files' but it was working. Hope, if it might Known Bug/Bug/issue then Software Developer will solve this Known Bug/Bug/issue. Debug Info of Notepad++ is as follows:- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notepad++ v7.5.8 (64-bit) Build ti
  2. I subscribe for CCleaner Professional Version 5.46.6652 (64 Bit). I am using Updated Windows 10 Pro. Now I am using Version 5.47.6716 as it Automatically Updated. I store CCleaner in F:\Applications\Piriform\CCleaner. I use command for Shut Down my Laptop. Command is 'shutdown.exe /s /t 00'.When I use command & Shut Down my Laptop, then after start, I can see there is No CCleaner automatically start. But When I Shutdown my Laptop by 'Select Start and then select Power > Shut down', then CCleaner start normally. I found 4 ways to find out startup apps. 1. 'shell:star
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