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  1. I have been nagging support on the next version. I got a little testy with them regarding this. I last time I spoke to them, they claimed they're working on it. The current version came June, 2019. I have the pro version, not the free one.
  2. This current version when released last year, I had osMAC Mojave. it started with current version (1.17.603). the cleaner portion of the program crashes before it reaches 100%. Now I have osMAC Catalina since October, 2019 and it stills continues. The pull down menu from FILE and EDIT doesn't even pull down. This version with Mojave and Catalina. I have the Pro version. I have been nagging support to look into this since last year. Crash Report 5-14-2020.docx
  3. When are these people going to update CCleaner to osMAC Catalina? I know I have the free version. They update the Windows version far more frequent than Mac. Anybody want to take a look at the crash report, feel free to do so. ccleaner crash report.docx
  4. A Quick update to this topic, I removed a program and the Cleaner works fine except for not being able to manually custom resize to enlarge it. When you access it, it defaults to minimal size. When I tried to resize it, and defaults to original size. Is it Cleaner or Mojave doing it? I can maximize using the green button. the dialog boxes don't come up anymore and asks for my password once. Any clues?
  5. I ran into the same issue, I already contacted support regarding this and other issues with this update. dialog boxes not going away when you tick do not show message again. And the program asking for your password twice.
  6. I downloaded the new version of Cleaner 1.115.507 today after installing OSMojave. There is few bugs. This is the first time I've had any issues with this program. 1) It won't let me custom resize the program to fill my screen using the side-arrows. when I shut it down, it goes back it its original size. 2) when you run the cleaner, the dialog box ask you do you want to permanently deletes files (yes or no) and the you can tick, don't show this message again. it asks every time. doesn't go away. 3) same thing it will ask you to do internal task (yes or no) same thing, the box ap
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