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  1. Many thanks again. I was born 83 years too early for all this tech stuff. So as you advised, I will leave all well alone as I have no idea what I would be doing. Unable to help re beer. I would be bound to spill it en route from Herts. Cheers.
  2. Many thanks for your prompt reply. I will ignore this facility and leave well alone then. Thanks.
  3. Although I have had Ccleaner for some years, I have just tried for the first time, the Duplicate Finder. Assuming the list shown were duplicates, I started marking with a tick, all of those shown. However it went on and on, to the extent I have got cold feet as to what I might be doing. Most of the files shown seemed to be for 2009. Advice please. Do I proceed and delete them all or not? Many thanks.
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