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  1. I think Jazztel found the solution! Since this morning, everything is working normal again. It seems there was a detail disturbing my connection to the central of the server. Thank you for your help Brigitte
  2. No, I am not. I am connected by adsl de Jazztel-Spain
  3. Hope they find a solution. As long as I can remember, I had CCleaner on all my devices. Wouldn't like looking to replace it!
  4. I just discovered a weird event. Instead of clicking on Ok to close the window with the warningt "this product is not permitted.. etc" I left it open and moves the mouse over the icon in the task bar where I discovered a second window showing the usual CCleaner minimised , beside the minimised window of "this product is not permitted.. etc.." I clicked on the second window and CCleaner showed up, fully functionnally! I was able cleaning, and everything else. The only thing I am not allowed to do, is closing the window with the warning, as both windows disappear together. Maybe this can help the developpers finding a solution to this problem? I can not make a screenshot of the 2 minimised windows, the moment I don't move the mouse over it, they disappear!
  5. I tried to install several times in the last days the last version.. 5.47, and the message is always showing up: "The product is not permitted for use in your current location" I am using CCleaner for many years now and bought the mobile version on my smartphone. I would very much like finding out what is happening and how to solve te problem! Thank you for your help Brigitte
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