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  1. Sorry, but this doesn't help. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have the proper item checked for cleaning Firefox cookies. I have learned that the cookies cannot be deleted from the CCleaner screen list. I have tried everything suggested by the previous posters except deleting the cookies using Firefox itself. I am not going to answer any more of these posts unless someone has a credible solution that I haven't yet tried.
  2. I do not want Firefox to clean the cookies. If it cleans them all, I won't have the cookies I want to keep. This causes problems with, for example, my bank website. It will say it doesn't recognize my computer and I will be required to have them send a temporary code in order to access the website. The same problem will occur with other security conscious websites. I will just have to put up with having unwanted cookies on my computer until this problem is fixed...assuming it will ever be fixed.
  3. I ran a clean on Firefox cookies. 0 bytes found. I won't bother with the log because it shows nothing found. However the list of cookies on the computer (not the ones to keep) shows Firefox cookies.
  4. I think so, since all that were left were Firefox cookies. What did the log tell you? I am not sure I understand the log entries, but it seemed that at least some referred to cookies.
  5. I Just checked and all of the cookies not cleaned this time are from Firefox. The Windows Firefox Cookies Option is checked.
  6. OK, this time I clicked on Edge cookies -- Clean Cookies CCleaner64_v5.46.6652_2018-09-16_09-11-31.log
  7. OK, the log is attached CCleaner64_v5.46.6652_2018-09-15_19-26-27.log
  8. It is doing the other cleaning tasks as it should.
  9. Nergal, I am not concerned about Cookies to Keep, but with the long list of cookies I don't want to keep. However, I used the method you suggested on the cookies I would like to delete and they are from all three of my browsers. Most are from Edge because I use it more than the others.
  10. Windows 10 Professional 5.46.6652 All (Edge, Firefox, IE), I think, I can't tell for sure, but there are dozens of cookies MalwareBytes, Bit Defender, Hitman Pro
  11. CCleaner will not remove cookies I don't want to keep. If I try to delete them in the CCleaner window they reappear when I reopen CCleaner
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