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  1. Under CCleaner Options/Settings, I have the "Run with Windows" box UNchecked. Still, CCleaner starts with Windows on every restart or power up. I've checked my Startup folder, and CCleaner is not in there. In addition, whenever I exit CCleaner, it stays active in my taskbar -- kind of like an Android app. How do I simply exit in one click? I'm running Win10 64-bit and CCleaner v 5.66.7716 (64-bit).
  2. Thank you very much. I upgraded, then turned off Smart Cleaning, and that seems to have solved my issue.
  3. I have UNchecked the CC option to startup with Windows. I have used CC's own tool to disable and/or delete CC from startup. Still, it keeps coming back. Also, when I try to close CC, it doesn't close, but minimizes to the systray; I have to then click on the systray icon to exit. Is this really how things are supposed to work?
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