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  1. Exclude directory list, there is no need for defragging temporary files, for example cached internet files. Exclude tile name list, for example *.TMP, do not defraf these files. A key for selecting files with more than xx fragments
  2. I would like to have An option to "Defrag files with more than xx fragments". Queue files for defrag at Windows startup since some files is in use and can't be defraged.
  3. Recuva crashes when generating list, see attached file. 100% of scan is complete, then Recuva crashes.
  4. But if you could specify the different type of scanning you wish to make in an INI-file and then clean all errors. and specify the INI-file as a parameter Example: MissingSharedDLLs=1 UnusedFileExtensions=1 ActiveXandClassIssues=0 . . . . 1 if it is checked, and 0 unchecked.
  5. I would like a command line switch for registry cleaning, which will fix all Registry Issues, for example /REGCLEAN.
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