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  1. Thank you both for your advice! I have tried everything and still couldn't get the files restored. Nergal, I wish I had known that before, but I know now. I finally had to go into my network IPV4 properties and put in "open DNS" . I tried every other solution I could find. ie; flushing DNS, releasing, renewing, etc. Nothing worked except using the open dns. It seems to be a little wonky but at least I can access my bank now. I might call my ISP when I get the time and see if they can help me out with it. I had this problem a few years ago and I either called my ISP or my router manufacturer - can't recall which. But one of them got it all straightened out for me. Anyway, I sure do thank you guys for assisting me!!
  2. I ran CCleaner. Cleaned Registry and clicked "fix all issues" . Allowed it to backup. After I finished running Ccleaner, I tried to access my bank website and it says "DNS unavailable". Since this wasn't an issue before I ran CCleaner, I assumed that something was removed that shouldn't have been removed. I found the backup files (2 of them 3 minutes apart) in C:\users\my name\onedrive\documents. I followed instructions to restore backup but I got this error: Can someone help me?
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