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  1. I am studying a web site that caught my eye by making a test site privately. Since the original html and CSS and JavaScript code is on a Windows Server and since I am making a test version on a Linux server, there are issues with missing links because of case sensitivity. Anyway, this is he point. When I load the test website, I get an error message that some file cannot be found. Because of the size and all the connections and files, it is difficult to track down what file is missing or misnamed file. Now, I think there is a way to easily find out exactly what file is not found. I think there is a way to do this using Visual Studio test classes and projects. Am I right?
  2. When one pans for gold, one needs to take a big collection.
  3. How do you define a default html in silverlight? In the Microsoft Development Environment, Microsoft Visual Studio, when I build a silverlight project, the code auto-generates an HTML file in the Release directory (and in the Debug directory) Yet, I have seen some projects that have a Default.html file among the project files. And when I run the program in debug mode, the default.html comes up. How is this done? Where is the settings which tell Visual Studio which html to use when running or debugging. In another project, when I create a project from scratch, the program runs a generated html in the debug or release directory. How do I include my own html in a silverlight project?
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    Have you ever installed a program and then when you uninstall, it keeps the files behind. Or does not do the uninstallation at all? What causes this and what can be done to make sure your computer is clean nof the files?
  5. Does anyone have any experience with Install Shield? It seems I have trouble using this only on a spanish computer.
  6. Anyone here use InstallShield? Empty Directories Where and how is [iNSTALLDIR] defined? I am able to create an install execuatable of my project. But when I run the installation program it is able to create the diretories where the program shold go but these directories are empty.
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