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    Sorry Hazel nut I was just hoping someone had been through it before I only have one eye and it just hard to read all this stuff I went through 40 pages and had not seen anything before I come here. Sorry again God Bles I did not know it was a chat room
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    CC Cleaner.docx
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    Yes the professional I on 8.1 64 bit but I unchecked one of the boxes and it was like sweeping it aad a banner woud come up after I did that it quit I think when you close your pages it just does a history and temp clean just for got which one I uncheck I use internet explore 11. Thanks for the feed back so quick just getting use to it
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    Yes I do not know what I hit a check mark and now when I close a site it does not sweep and pop up come up like it did. I would think you all if you could give me a little help.
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