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  1. @robmm76 : I believe you're off-topic (this is not a discussion about browsers or Chrome) and also on the wrong forum, this is not "How-To-Geek"... you must have followed the wrong link or URL. This forum is exclusively about Piriform(/Avast) CCleaner.
  2. Right... Like we have nothing else to do but run Wireshark or create FW rules for functionalities which ought to be "optionable" and "selectable" by the user !? I don't do FUD, I can imagine several valid reasons for CCleaner or any product to "phone home" e.g. find out if there is an update would be the first one. (But the functionality ought to be an setting selectable by the user - which it is, I know that I can (dis)activate the checking for updates... I don't know if it prevents CCleaner from calling home afterwards though, I haven't tested it yet.)
  3. +1 I agree ! It is far more than a nuisance. It borders on spying. If a user does not want monitoring, for any reason, if said User disables the options in the settings, the soft MUST follow the settings. You claim to be listening to users ? Where ? Update : I found out after writing this that Piriform/Avast had reverted to v:44. So I need to update my post to say "thank you" for listening and making it possible for us to revert to v.44 while waiting for a better v.45+ or v.46.
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