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  1. Adding "crap" definitely is not the way to go, especially for the crap-cleaning app. But I'm sure, that Devs will continue to do that. 'Cuz adds and such bring money... Nothing "free" is totally adds/bloat- free, everyone wants to eat.
  2. After updating the windows 10 to 1809 the problem disappeared, now i'm afraid to update the ccleaner.
  3. Well, that's an interesting observation. If the SSD causes this, why didn't it occure from the very first time/version of ccleaner? I hope, that devs will have a look at this problem.
  4. I untick everything - no difference. That "smart cleaning" seems to be the only thing that matters.
  5. ...and so After a few new versions and installs/reinstalls the problem still remains. The only thing, that affects this slow start are two checkboxes: "tell me when there are junk files to clean" and "enable smart cleaning ". I guess, that with the "not-very needed smart cleaning" on, the app stays basicaly ON all the time, so it doesn't need to start and load itself.
  6. 5-10 secs untill the programm actually starts. You can see on the screenshot, that the window is not "operable". It hangs like this at start. No enhancements. I do not update to each next version, so no idea, what was the last. But this problem occures at the first time.
  7. Hi everyone, After updating to the last version of Ccleaner, I have encountered this problem: After I click the icon the window appears, but it looks like the program is "not responding" and after 5-10 seconds it launches completely. I have tryed reinstalling. Windows 10 latest build, I7 @ a lot of Mghz, a lot of ram, M.2 ssd.... hardware should not be the problem. Maybe I need to uncheck smth? Plz help!
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