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  1. I have just noticed I have got two spam emails one from tabletpcreview and another from some other random company. The funny thing is I have only ever used this email for signing up here so its pretty obvious who has sold my data - the spam email from tabletpcreview came on the same day as I signed up here 1.5hrs after signing up. I only signed up here to wine about the fact I had software forced installed on my PC which I though was wrong - sadly I had the SAME THING HAPPEN AGAIN WITH RECUVA LAST WEEK but couldn't be bothered to come here to say the same thing again -
  2. August 4th with v5.44.6575 installer, there was NO checkbox or avast warning at the bottom it was entirely BLANK, I clicked on 'customize' and checked in there there was no hidden options for software or anything else to change (like I always do) I went back to install screen where there was still no warning/checkbox/installer etc at the bottom so I simply clicked install,then when complete I try to shut down and windows tells me it is waiting for avast installer which is running.. It was running silently in the background without warning. I closed the 'avast installer' in task manager then 5
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