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  1. The "cancel" did not work, so I ended the task using the task management tool. So, not seen any results. do not know what was going on. But I use other data recovery software, took about 40 minutes to recover the PDF files.
  2. still stuck at 16% for scanning one folders (< 1GB) in a USB driver stick (2GB). In the folder, most are PDF files. Now the estimated time left is 3 days. why is it so slow? hmm ......
  3. I am running Recuva (version 1.53) to recover one USB driver (2GB). I only selected to recover non-deleted files in one of the folds. I did not choose the deep scan. But the scan already took more than 1 day, and hanging on at 16%. My USB driver was damaged for some unknown reasons. I was copying some files from the USB drive to PC. In the middle of the process, it is said "file name 1 dose not exit, .....". Then I open the USB drive, many folders' name and file names are turned into some un-readable code, some files became larger. The USB drive is FAT format, and it is said the USB drive is write protected. How long will it take? Should stop the scan? Is this a bug?
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