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  1. The "cancel" did not work, so I ended the task using the task management tool. So, not seen any results. do not know what was going on. But I use other data recovery software, took about 40 minutes to recover the PDF files.
  2. still stuck at 16% for scanning one folders (< 1GB) in a USB driver stick (2GB). In the folder, most are PDF files. Now the estimated time left is 3 days. why is it so slow? hmm ......
  3. I am running Recuva (version 1.53) to recover one USB driver (2GB). I only selected to recover non-deleted files in one of the folds. I did not choose the deep scan. But the scan already took more than 1 day, and hanging on at 16%. My USB driver was damaged for some unknown reasons. I was copying some files from the USB drive to PC. In the middle of the process, it is said "file name 1 dose not exit, .....". Then I open the USB drive, many folders' name and file names are turned into some un-readable code, some files became larger. The USB drive i
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