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  1. Holy Cow... this is one of the most serious software intrusions I have ever seen. You can NOT turn off "Active Monitoring" either in the program or in Task Manager. It will come back. Have you also noticed the "Exit Ccleaner" function is gone from the options in the Notification icon? I could figure out what stupid games they are playing but I don't have time. They will tell you they are "phoning home" in YOUR interest - kinda like the government- for YOUR protection. Have you heard this tune before? I have used this program on over 10 computers for many years. Never again. Get rid of it immediately. There are endless other ways to do the same thing. Gad... this is terrible- so classless and intrusive- not to mention transparently self-serving. DO NOT STAND for it. Soooooooo..... I have been educated. Apparently Avast bought Piriform. OMG... that explains everything. Immediately purging both of them. This would be a laughable situation if it weren't such a pathetic example of user sheepification and cash milking. Run for the hills my friends...
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