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  1. Thanks 4 reply, your are right....i will try less overwrite passes
  2. Hi... I wipe a external 4 TB Disk, via USB 3, via CC FREE Version v5.64.7613, there was no Filesystem on it before, so i formatted to NTFS before wipe. So it runs for some hours...after my PC goes to energy safe mode (damn), i waked him up and was asked for cancel the wipe process, i denied. So that goes on. Then i open a second instance and do a regular cleaning process. Because 3 GB of Trash after analyze that.. While that booth processes running, CC mentioned me via popup to clean the disk now. - Thats the first: CC dont know that a cleaning/ analyzing p
  3. A Visual Feedback Bug? I always, since update, dont see any fluid progress bar in "easy clean" it mostly happens when CC is clean Internet Explorer i NEVER use but there is stuff in it...anyways (i know about the system integration). i always think that CC was freezed but isn´t. It jumps to the end. Options i choose: 35x secure erase alternate data stream erase cluster tips erase Minor Suggestion: i don´t like that " PC feels like new "...better ist "Progress finished", "cleaning finished", "Done" or similar simple Cheers.
  4. Win 7 Home Prof. 64 bit SP1 Glasswire (v2.0.115) CC prof. Edition V5.45.6611 After installing this Version of CC and Reboot, Glasswire (v2.0.115) give me 3 Messages about CC emergency updater. 1. CCleaner emergency updater - version change 1.0.999 to 17.08.77 (not a bit large jump?) 2. CCleaner emergency updater - the publisher changed from *AVAST Software s.r.o* to empty value 3. CCleaner emergency updater - the application is no longer signed Thank u...
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