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  1. It would seem reasonable to expect a quick fix considering that wiping free space was part of the product being sold.
  2. Unable to wipe 5.78, annoying since this was working well until a day or so ago. Timing for fix?
  3. This happened a few years ago. I run custom clean and as soon a I minimize to system tray, CCleaner closes. I need a definitive answer as the product no longer functions as promised.
  4. ccleaner is no longer running reliably without constant attention. I do not have any boxes that say to show ccleaner in the system tray. Clicking the minimize button closes ccleaner.
  5. ccleaner closes when minimized to system tray. I tried uninstalling and then re-installing but it still does the same thing. This is new behavior. It used to stay pinned to the system tray at all times.
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