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  1. Yup, not a bug. It's deliberate functionality they've admitted to, as well as saying they still collect User data even after that option is also disabled as well. Scroll further down/back in the Forum here and look for threads going back a few weeks now. This for example:
  2. Ooooooh, I'd forgotten Avast had their fingers on the keyboards with Piriform. THAT explains a lot... Off topic, but with the way Avast Antiviral insidiously operated in the background over the past few versions (as well as magically misreported non-existent issues requiring "Upgrade To The Paid Version To Solve These" - ??), I've recently ditched that software package in all of my own systems. And after demonstrating how that package refused to play in a fair and open manner to a significant percentage of my paying client base (both private and corporate/business users) Avast will be losing customers down this end of the planet for that product. I actually came in here to add to the increasing list of concerned/annoyed users reporting this recent issue of Monitoring in 64-bit Windows refusing to stay disabled in the past couple of releases. Honestly, such a problem simply demonstrates a chronically critical (and blatantly obvious!) error that Piriform have either deliberately added in, or have chronically demonstrated that their Software QA/Testing Team need a good solid kick between the uprights. I'm not sure which of those is actually worse. Then there's this little gem of information on how CCleaner appears to have another unsavory issue relating to this Monitoring debacle: Pretty sure I opted out of any background reporting as well. So guess Piriform/Avast are now on final notice from this end of the planet - seriously raise your game or be happy with losing credibility and customers.
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