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  1. Hello, Never posted here before (or about any software for that matter), but after this version was released (6611) I feel I have to rant because this software was once a great utility and now its been turned into damaged goods.... #1 Seriously? Are u kidding? Every time I run it? (and I run it often) Why even have the check boxes in the options tab to disable monitoring if they don't actually DISABLE MONITORING? Even if I uncheck all monitoring boxes, close all Ccleaner processes in task manager, and disable or delete the Ccleaner monitoring entry in startup.ini, then restart the PC, it still reappears if I open Ccleaner, again monitoring when I don't want or need it to. I am perfectly capable of determining when I need to clean my PC, as are most users who have half a brain. #2 Better yet, there isn't even an "exit" menu option included on the taskbar icon, which is absurd. Every program I've ever installed on PCs since Windows 95 at least has the option to either close/quit/exit from the taskbar icon, except this one. #3 There was no information provided on the version history page before I updated to this version from the previous that "monitoring" would now be enabled full-time. Only the information below was provided: "v5.45.6611 (24 Jul 2018) -Removed Windows.old cleaning rule -Fixed a crash in Disk Analyzer -Added more detailed reporting for bug fixes and product improvements" #4 It seems this version has been "dumbed-down" for the masses that can't figure out how to clean their PC by themselves....users who need a babysitter to warn them that their computer is clogged and it runs for them. Those users don't even know that Disk Cleanup in Windows even exists much less that Ccleaner exists & how to effectively use either one of them. I know some power users may want it to clean automatically and thats perfectly fine, but I think most of us would rather not have another icon & open program running in the taskbar, especially if your short on RAM to begin with. At last look, it was using 9772k of memory on my PC. That is more than my Malwarebytes is using. For some, there is a noticeable difference in performance if programs are running in the taskbar or not. Everyone does not have the latest & greatest PCs, and I think developers forget that because they probably do have them and test software like this on them without noticeable performance losses. I'm sorry, but this is unacceptable and poor software "development". Its more like software regression. I'll be uninstalling this version and not returning if/until these items are resolved in a future version. PS Oh, I almost forgot. The pop-up from the taskbar (in the previous version before 6611) telling us about your sale on software every time we open it is annoying and makes me less likely to buy anything.....once or twice during the sale period is sufficient, not every time I use it. The last thing all of us need is more advertising in our daily lives. Thank You
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