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  1. Same thing happening on all my computers since the last update. Now that I know it's a snoopy bug I'm going to remove CCleaner from all the computers - this is stupid. I have Kaspersky Internet Security on all machines and that does a clean-up same as CCleaner - I just never used it because I liked CCleaner so much. Not anymore. Enough spying on people already!!!!!!!! I joined this site just to post and read comments about this as I thought it was just me this was happening to. I stopped it from starting up using msconfig but the minute systems are rebooted it comes back there
  2. Hello mitchkenn - Same thing is happening to me. I even removed it from start-up items using msconfig and once the computers are rebooted the monitoring returns. Real pain. I hate to uninstall CCleaner as I am using about 5-6 machines and it's installed on all of them. I'm glad to see it wasn't just my systems doing this and it did happen with the last update to CCleaner. Hopefully they will see this and fix it soon.
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