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  1. Never gave this a thought ... thanks for the tip.
  2. In the coming weeks? Wow .... nothing like getting right to it!
  3. question remains, when will a fix appear (or will a fix appear)?
  4. for being released on tuesday and reports of issues since then - there doesn't seem to be much of a rush to get this issue resolved. i've already rolled back to an ancient version. i LIKED this product in the past - have used it for years, but recently have started seeking a replacement. If not resolved soon, it'll be an after-thought. Too bad, as it's been a great product in the past.
  5. it worked for my win 8.1 machine, but after a reboot, wife's win 10 machine went right back to the monitoring checked. Strange and annoying. In fact, did the procedure twice on Win 10 machine with same results. Oh well, resorted to older version and possibly this will get resolved in the near future. if not, i can live with the old version until i find something else.
  6. yep ... and after a flood of reports the eerie silence from the developers continues .... not good. for myself, i've rolled back to earlier version. if not resolved soon, i may look for a substitute in the near future. as Mick and the Stones said "I am waiting ...."
  7. the latest version - when i try to deactivate monitoring by unchecking the boxes, as soon as i log off, or restart my system, it automagically returns to active. This is happening both on a win 10 and a win 8.1 machine. When i reinstall an earlier version, this does not happen.. The monitoring stays off. Thus ... i am using the older version until this gets resolved. And to be honest, i have no use for CCleaner to monitor anything automatically. i do that daily myself.
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