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  1. Excellent. I'm off this thread. GL to any new folks coming in.
  2. @APMichael I have given it another go. So far it hasn't come back.
  3. @Newton McNay Try to disable the task, not delete it. Then open CCleaner one more time, and uncheck the Enable Active Monitoring. Then reboot. Then recheck the Task Scheduler to make sure the CCleaner Updater is still disabled.
  4. That doesn't work. Still comes back after a double reboot. Mine works though, as its only job is to kill the exe, as the APP, has it built in, to put those items back that you think you turned off and or deleted. Some day, when they fix the issue, I can stop using my oneliner batch file. right up there .. Cheers!
  5. Done all of that. It still comes back after you run CCleaner once or twice. Anyhow, my batch file is still working perfectly. I never need to minimize or have running in background. I use the app, I close down the app. No worries. They will fix their side of things. The owners have already posted that, in case you missed it. Cheers! - np
  6. That one worked, thanks.. I take that back, reboot just now, and it's back. So, I'll stay with mine until they fix the issue. Cheers! - np
  7. Ok, so I just wrote a batch file to kill the process. Here are the steps. create a batch file .. whatever.bat add the following: @echo off taskkill /im ccleaner64.exe The taskkill function requires admin, so, just create a shortcut to your batch file. Then on the shortcut, go into advanced settings and check the box, Run as Administrator. (see image) If you are running the 32 bit version, I think its all the same, except remove the "64" inside the batch file. Cheers! - np
  8. Ok, so I think I got it worked out. So far, it has not auto-started. Open CCleaner, go to Tools, then Startup. "Delete" CCleaner entries from "Windows" Tab and from the "Scheduled Tasks" Tab. Disabling them did not work. But it looks like after deleting them, they did not come back. Disregard, no go. - np
  9. Ok, so I deleted the registry key for the monitoring. Yet, CCleaner is in my tray again. Guess I'll write an application to kill the CCleaner64.exe process after rebooting. Let me know when you guys have that figured out. Cheers!
  10. I have managed to delete the setting in the registry to turn off, Active Monitoring, but the current version that was just released, does not disable active monitoring by unchecking the box in the Options/Monitoring TAB. Don't ever force these options on the users. They will not like it. Cheers! Still loving the pro-version, for many years. - np
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