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  1. a5753047, one of my previous postings spoke to that. it doesn't work. the startup entry will automagically reappear fairly quickly.
  2. bldrdrms, it seems that's what it'll have to be: roll back and disable update checking. It's too bad, I like Avast's antivirus software; it's what I use. This little "incident" gives me pause, however. I'm certainly going to be looking for an alternative to CCleaner now, just in case I have to part ways with it... That's not a definite, but it's on the radar now where it wasn't before.
  3. Thanks Hazelnut. Holy smokes. Like: Uh... no kidding! Why even ostensibly give us a choice when that choice doesn't actually work. That's the creepy "we'll slip it in the back door" part. Some people care about these things, others don't. The point is that choice is important. If I don't want information transmitted, I'd like that option to be respected, especially when I've been led to believe my choice WAS respected. The whole notion of anonymized data is pretty "loosey-goosey", anyway, so I'll decline transmitting anything, thanks. I hope the above doesn't translate into "we'll do it anyway, just not in a way you'll notice". Sheesh...
  4. Well, I can confirm that, after several days and reboots without ccleaner monitoring popping up as the result of doing what I described previously, it suddenly, spontaneously popped up again this morning. In other words, that we can't disable this, um, "option" seems quite deliberate. CCleaner will check, too, to make sure monitor is running. What a great way to burn through a lot of positive user capital. I hate it when companies do this sort of thing. Not only does it remind us that there's been a sudden shift to some kind of cash focus (oh, those shiny $$ signs!), but it sure looks like somebody wants to do something that most people wouldn't approve of if they knew. I mean, it just looks really creepy.
  5. This is very frustrating. I've had some success using task manager to kill ccleaner BEFORE I run the desktop manifestation, then going into the options to disable monitoring, and also going into tools/starting and deleting the line that starts ccleaner monitor at startup, but it seems to come back randomly. Somebody over at Piriform REALLY REALLY wants you to enable monitoring whether or not you like it...
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