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  1. Hi Pete, I can confirm that 'Close program after cleaning' is not ticked in by default
  2. If you would like to cancel the automatic renewal of the product you can do so using the cancel link found in the emails recieved on purchase
  3. No need to update, the changes have been made on our servers and you should no longer be recieving the message
  4. I can confirm that this is NOT malware but instead was due to an error in our in app messaging system, we are aware of the issue and it should now be resolved.
  5. Hi Patrick, Can you tell me what URL you are using? Thanks
  6. This icon is to pin the popup to prevent it from fading if you have not finished reading the message
  7. @LT52 We are actually currently working on multi year licenses for the products, however I am afriad they will not be ready in time for this Black Friday Sale
  8. This should now be back up and running
  9. I think this should now be solved. I believe the problem was relating to the accented é in your Display Name. When logging in it was trying to log you into a different users account (Leon) despite the accent being present. As the other users last and only post/login was back in 2006 I have deleted their account and it appears to have fixed it. @Léon I had to change your password to test this so please can I ask you to update it one last time and then let me know how it goes over the next few days. Thanks
  10. Thanks for reporting this, the team are looking into it. We will hopefully have the server back up and running soon
  11. What add ons are you referring to? The Chrome and Avast offers in the installer?
  12. @Léon Do you have any accents or unusual symbols in your password?
  13. @Atlanta Bill I can confirm that currently you are a manual renewal customer, you can confirm this yourself by navigating to the Subscription Information page in the application (Options - About) here it would show Auto Extension - Enabled if you were an automatic renewal customer. We are currently developing a web portal where our customers can review their subscription information, cancel and update payment options. This should make it clearer and easier for our customers to manage, this will be in place before the first subscriptions are up for renewal mid Q1.
  14. @jff can you confirm that you have manually uninstalled the product and have re-installed a version 5.48 or higher? If so are you experiencing issues with product registration?
  15. @APMichael You are indeed coreect and that is an error, it should be v2. We will get that fixed for the next release. In regards to the Deutsch translation bug I am unable to recreate this issue on my machine, are you still experiencing it on yours? Finally the safe mode bug is at the top of our backlog and we are hoping to be able to squeese it into the December release. Thanks
  16. Hi All, Could you provide more information on the file types that are not being deleted/ignored. This should hopefully help us recreate the issue. Thanks
  17. I think I need to clarify a couple more things. As previously mentioned we currently and always have offered CCleaner under one license term (which is 1 year in length), we do however offer two options for renewal. These are Manual renewal whereby a customer can choose to pay and extend their license at their discresion. The second being the subscription renewal (we started selling these in Feb-18) whereby the customer is billed automatically and the license term extended automatically every year. They are reminded via email of this seven days prior to taking payment and given the option to ca
  18. @kb9gxk regarding the EULA on our website this was simply editied in 2016, if you would like to see the version prior to this and active at the time of your purchase please use a service such as the Way Back Machine to view the archived version of the webpage. For example, see the link below and refer to the section 5 "Term and Termination of Service". https://web.archive.org/web/20150210075931/http://www.piriform.com:80/legal/software-license/ccleaner-professional @Sonartech I am able to see the original email sent to you on the 27/03/14, however I am unable to see Expiry date liste
  19. Permissions were always there but since Android 6 (Marshmallow) those are not granted blindly during installation but in app UI when it is necessary to provide app features. All permissions Cleanup asks for are in order to provide cleaning features and nothing more
  20. Hi All, Just to be clear we have never had a one off license. Please see the following link for the End User License Agreement that was in place a the time of your purchase: https://www.ccleaner.com/legal/eula-archive/ccleaner-professional In section 5 (Term and Termination of Service) it states that the term is for one year and that after which we will remove Priority Support and Automatic updates. Expiry notifications should only be recieved at application startup, if you wish to stop these you will need to convert your software back to the free version. This can be done by un
  21. @mc peko Please contact our support channel and they will be able to assist you with this issue: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  22. Whilst in the app manager section, rather than clicking into the application, simply select the checkbox to the right hand side of it. You should then be able to access the options in the top right and add to the ignore list.
  23. @Andavari @nukecad Can we please try and keep this on topic @Billmcgill as you are able to recover your photos by re-installing the application its seems as though CCleaner is deleting a file or chached data that is telling Private Diary where these photos are stored. I have passed this onto the Android Dev team and will get back to you when I have more information. For now I reccomend going into App Manager in CCleaner, selecting Private Diary, clicking options (three dots in the top right) and adding it to your ignore list.
  24. Hi Billmcgill Are you able to confirm the app the photos are being deleted from (this? - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.diaryfree&pageId=none&rdid=app.diaryfree ) and if possible the storage location of said deleted images Thanks
  25. @brokerman I can confirm that this is a known issue and appears to relate to cleaning of IE History, some of the databases we clean appear to have been locked down. We are working on a fix and I will get back to you when we know more. For now, you should be able to clean the rest of the machine if you untick the IE history.
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