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  1. @CZ69 this is a false positive, a good indicator of this is that no other AV has picked it up. We have submitted our files to DrWeb for review and this should be removed in 24-48hrs
  2. In this release we have included some important security updates and minor UI improvements and bug fixes. General Users on versions v5.57 through to v5.62 have been automatically updated to the new version to take advantage of its enhanced security and improved performance. Users will not notice any change to any of their product settings and can continue to use it as normal Minor UI changes and bug fixes At CCleaner, we are committed to providing users with the most secure and easy-to-use product so that their PCs always stay clean, safe and fast. We always recommen
  3. Could you please explain the problem a bit further or highlight on the screenshot the symbols in question?
  4. In v5.60 we upgraded to a newer version of Visual Studio, this appears to have caused some compatibility issues with XP however, they only appear to be related to the newer installer UI. If you do want the latest version of CCleaner you can install it successfully on XP with the Slim version of the installer, this can be found here - https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  5. In preparation for Microsoft's upcoming launch of their NEW Edge Chromium browser (more info) we have been busy adding support for it in CCleaner. So we can start getting feedback as early as possible we have put our progress thus far into a Beta, which contains the following cleaning rules: Internet Cache Cookies Internet History Download History NOTE: Currently CCleaner treats both the Canary and Dev versions of the browser as the same (more info on them here), meaning both will be cleaned at the same time. Feel free to let us know if this is going to be a proble
  6. File Verification Please find below the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes for verification purposes. CCleaner Installers ccsetup560.exe - CCleaner Free Installer MD5: 37d020ece812915cf377c5b213691d14 SHA256: 00be05f95e08eb4f181ccde15403e782150a616cb93fd74525c99920f53a2cea cctrialsetup.exe - CCleaner Pro Trial Installer MD5: 99d77c413f1b4bdcf2e902b914df73d7 SHA256: ca5cb9d56703dfd2aa14a51fed9e31e8bdd54e31b66583191d8d219330096889 ccsetup560_pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Installer MD5: 07ffdee5c052b0c80f3a657152980394 SHA256: 605b82b397fd28eada63ac3391
  7. @OtonielR Please email support@piriform.com, please be aware that you will have to supply details such as your full name and/or email address used for us to track down your license
  8. @RMC can you provide a screen picture of this. Also which installer did you use for 5.59?
  9. Hi Joe, could you provide the link to the page you are referring to
  10. Hi Jim, Can I please ask you to run CCleaner in debug mode, instructions here: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/troubleshooting/running-ccleaner-in-debug-mode And then open a ticket here with the information you provided above and attach the log file for investigation Many thanks
  11. Hi Michael, You can cancel the auto-renewal in CCleaner, provided your product is registered using the license you want to cancel, navigate to Options > About > License Information > Manage Subscription here there is an option to Cancel next to Auto Extension. The other option is via the email emails you received at the time of purchase from Cleverbridge. In this email is a section titled 'Subscription Cancelation' in which there is a link to cancel the auto-renewal. Thanks
  12. I can confirm that if you enable/disable in CCleaner it switches the services to the following status in Windows: Enabled = Automatic Disabled = Manual In laymen's terms this means: Enabled = Services will start at boot Disabled = Services can start only when Windows or another service needs it
  13. Hi All, We're having intermittent issues with the hosting platform used for the Speccy snapshots. The fix we are having to implement involves migrating the hosting to an entirely new platform. The new platform should be up and running within the next few days, please bear with us whilst we work to resolve this. Thanks
  14. @azarober If you are trying to delete an entire drive, please use the 'Drive Wiper' function found in the Tools section
  15. This release contains several improvements to the new Software Updater feature alongside improvements to IE/Edge cleaning. Software Updater - Software updater has been moved to the second slot in the ‘Tools’ menu - Various crash fixes - Improved software identification - Added new software to the supported list Browser Cleaning - Added additional database tables for IE & Edge cleaning Bug Fixes - Fixed an issue causing blank rows in the ‘Cookies to Keep’ list Localisation - Added support for the Malay langua
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