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  1. Thank you, I'm going to keep it uninstalled for now. Don't know what else to do...It's annoying to me lolol Quick add: Is there anyway to download an older version? I couldn't find a place on the website but if I could download an older build and maybe not update it...I'd be happy with that.
  2. I downloaded the newest version of ccleaner and installed it. I had an older version before but I had to redo my drives so I lost it. Now when I start my computer ccleaner is ALWAYS in the system tray even though in options I've turned off monitoring and in task manager I disable it in startup. It doesn't matter because every time I start my computer monitoring in options it turned back on and it has been enabled again in task manager startup...how can it do this? Also with this newer version I cannot simply right click and close ccleaner like I used to be able too...only way is to go into tas
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