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  1. Yeah, over the last few major updates to Firefox, I've noticed that it grew bigger and bigger in size. It also seems to lag a bit too, like when my custom Google background loads. I only have AdBlock Plus, Java Console, and Chromifox extensions, and the Chromifox theme.


    I'd suggest Google Chrome, but it has even more of a "plugin separation"... as in, each tab AND each plugin creates its own process, as well as the actual program. At least Firefox attempts to store my tabs if it crashes. <_<

  2. ...If you were in a game and have the Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button set to the script above, it would swap you out of the game not swap weapons.


    So why are you wanting to window switch while in game, and what has that to do with switching weapons?


    So much for clarification. I meant "windows", not "weapons." :blink:

  3. Well, to clarify things up a bit, I have a laptop and within the mouse settings, there is an option to set-up what happens when you press both buttons. There's options like: do nothing, left click, double click, search, and run. The run option allows you to open up a file when you press both buttons. I was looking for a way to write a script in Notepad(to save as BAT or something else) that does the same action as pressing the Windows and Tab keys(with Aero)- 3D window switch. I'm just looking for a way to press both buttons of my mouse to switch weapons, instead of pressing keys.

  4. Is it possible to set up a script in Notepad that when opened, it runs the windows-tab feature of Vista with Aero? I'm looking to set-up my Dell touchpad to where when I press both buttons, the 3D window switcher comes up, instead of pressing the Windows and tab keys.



  5. aa276936305257.gif


    I'm working on keeping things organized. I use "large icons" so it makes me think I'm on a Mac. :lol:


    Everything is saved in My Documents and My Pictures. Gotta love the Start Menu quick links.

  6. I found out that my processor can work up to 150 degrees Celsius. I found it online and an Intel chat-support person gave me a link to the same information on their website.


    It wasn't until after I left the chat that I was curious to see the degrees in Fahrenheit and, well, it's 302 degrees Fahrenheit. I know that the processor would probably never get up to 150C, but I can't see how all that heat is good for the hardware around it. Do processors contain the heat or something? I'm super paranoid about this computer. I have to keep it running smoothly for 4 years, at least, especially since it came with a $2,000+ price tag...

  7. In Device Manager, try right click choose "Uninstall" on the not working device, reboot and wait for it to try installing itself.


    Now Ethernet Controller is most likley the phisical motherboard one.

    Are you currently using the blue ethernet cable between your adsl modem and the PC or is it wireless between them.


    Okay, I'll try that when I get the chance tomorrow.


    I'm not using any Ethernet cables, I'm using a wireless card. PCI I think?

  8. It seems like my amount of questions and need of help has been rising lately <_<


    I was going through my desktop and uninstalling stuff, since I won't be using it that much anymore. I uninstalled Unreal Tournament 3 and the AGEIA PhysX software that came with the game. Shortly afterward, my internet was cut off. I use the Netgear card and the software that comes with it. Restarting the software didn't help, so I restarted my computer. When it turned back on, I get the "Found New Hardware" wizard and it wants me to install the driver for my Ethernet Controller. The Device Manager shows a question mark beside the entry and says "This device is not configured correctly(Code 1)." The Netgear software won't even open now.


    Now, I've spent almost 2 hours searching Google and reading other people's problems. I searched Dell, the brand of my computer, for the driver, but I only get the Broadcom Gigabit Controllers, which I've tried and nothing happened. I have no idea what brand I should even contact, because I don't know if the Ethernet Controller is a part of my motherboard, from Dell(which I Googled "ethernet controller dell i925x" and found nothing), or if it's associated with Netgear or the previous wireless internet brands I've used, like Belkin.


    I can't search on the desktop, because the internet isn't working. Anything that I have to try, I have to download on this computer and move it over to the desktop. Any help? Am I searching for the wrong thing completely?

  9. My single disk is partitioned, with 20gb for my Operating System, which includes a 10gb "My Documents" folder, meaning all our photographs and my daughters iTunes music library.


    I have a lot of programs installed, a lot of which also have Application Data folders.


    I should think 50gb would be more than ample, but as in my case, you can at a later date re-size a partition up or down if needs must.


    Regarding a virus jumping across, I asked this question when I first partitioned my drive and I think it unlikely unless you have some sort of program installation on the new partition, or another Operating System. Of course don't take that as a definitive answer, just an opinion.


    Hope that helps.


    Thanks! I don't know how much I'll really need, but after thinking about it again, 20GB seems good enough for me and allow some extra space. Also, like you said, I can always resize it if I need more.


    The tutorial I found was for another version of Vista and had different menu options than my version. I found others, but I'm not sure if I understand. Basically, I right click on my OS drive, click on Shrink Volume, and then it creates another partition that includes the space that I just "shrunk" from the OS drive?

  10. What processor do you have, and what cooler do you have on it? Yeah, above 60 Celsius seems to be the upper limit, above that, and you need a better cooler.




    Intel Core 2 Duo T9550 2.66GHz in a laptop. I don't know the cooler.

  11. I decided to see how the temperatures were while playing UT3, so I downloaded Speedfan. I ran UT3 in windowed mode and just sitting idle on the main menu, Core 0 and Core 1 both had the flame icon and were between 55 and 57 degrees Celsius. Before I started, HD0 had a green check, Temp1-3 had a blue arrow, and both of the cores had green checks.


    When I opened up Firefox, both Cores got the flame emblem and went up to around 49 or 50. Then, once Firefox loaded, the temperature went back down and a blue arrow was there. Is that normal for hardware to do that? Whats a dangerous temperature that could possibly effect the part? Is >60C a warm enough temperature where if I still play UT3 for a few hours, nothing will be affected? I've noticed that UT3 uses between 65 to 100% of my dual-core processor, so I may have to wait until they update it for multi-cores to take a little pressure off my processor.


    Currently, everything has a blue check except the HD0, which has a green arrow. The temperatures range from 27C to 41C, with the latter being the HD0.

  12. I have Vista Ultimate(64 bit) and one hard drive with 226GB of free space. Dell has already created one partition for "recovery" that only uses 15GB.


    I want to create a partition to separate my art files, like all my PSDs, reference images, videos, etc. With my hard drive size, would 50GB be enough to satisfy my OS afterwards? I have 5GB of RAM too.


    Also, just a quick question, if one of the partitions gets a virus, would that affect both partitions since they're the same hard drive?

  13. I don't have Vista, and even after a bit of googling I can't help you with that one, but there are other Vista users on here may have some ideas.


    Thanks. I Googled myself, but I only found information on sound drivers and hardware issues. Using the word "pop-up" wasn't helpful either, since well... that brought up results about pop-ups in Vista. :lol:

  14. Maybe these links will help, but as usual with these tweaks, proceed with caution.






    And of course the ever popular Black Viper guide:





    Thanks for this. I found a few of them that I can go ahead and disable. I'm sure I can disable many more once I get to college, but since I'm not sure what I'll be doing with this laptop, I better just keep the confusing ones enabled. :)


    By the way, have you ever heard of the Vista Ultimate volume pop-up disappearing? Not like a typical pop-up with the minimize, maximize, and close buttons, but just a translucent screen that shows the volume as you change it(like the Macs). It's not coming up anymore, even after a restart. :blink:

  15. Nice toy, but can you show us an original Photoshop image you've created using 5GB of DDR3 RAM, 320GB HD, 2.66GHz Centrino 2 Duo processor, ATI Radeon 512MB video card, and Windows Vista 64-bit?



    I don't have Photoshop on here yet. :(

  16. Thanks and now in my Favorites.

    I keep having to learn how to spell things without a "u".


    My next challenge is getting IE7Pro working as it crashes IE for me and had to use System Restore to go back to before its installation.


    Good grief!

    Everything is so hard to find now.


    I have my APC Battery Backup working fine as I found a Vista version that works well.


    Is GIMP2 better than Paint.NET?


    It is one of the pre-installed applications that I am totally unfamiliar with such as CyberLink DVD Suite, Corel Snapfire, Click&Clean, LiteScribe and Nero SmartStart Essentials.


    I believe Cyberlink DVD Suite is just a dvd player application. I think my school laptop came with it. Maybe the "suite" version is a lot more complicated, otherwise it's just a full screen window with "eject, resume, restart movie, etc." :lol:


    To screen capture, press Print Screen, then Ctrl+ V in Paint or any other picture editing program.

  17. I recently, actually about an hour ago, just got my new laptop for college. I use pretty "resource-heavy" programs, like Photoshop, so I got something fairly porwerful in terms of memory and whatnot. I got the Dell Studio XPS laptop with 5GB of DDR3 RAM, 320GB HD, 2.66GHz Centrino 2 Duo processor, ATI Radeon 512MB video card, and Windows Vista 64-bit.


    However, currently, with Firefox(2 tabs) and Windows Task Manager open, I have 78-79 processes running. I'm only using a steady 33-35% of my RAM, but my CPU usage keeps fluctuating between 9% and 20-something-%. I can't really see why, since the Task Manager only shows 3 or 4 processes using only around 2- I even have "show processes from all users on". I disabled quite a bit of stuff from starting and appearing in the Task Bar. I removed McAfee and installed AVG. I disabled the Bluetooth Adapter, but the icon still shows up with "turn Bluetooth adapter on" as my only option when I right click.


    Is there anyone with Windows Vista 64-bit that can help me narrow down my processes running and keep everything at a steady pace? I plan on putting this laptop through the tests soon, with an updated Photoshop, playing UT3, and using the UT3 3D editor- the latter will probably be the hardest on the computer.


    Also, why do some processes have *32 beside the names? For example, BluetoohHeadsetProxy.exe*32 which is "Bluetooth Headset Skype Proxy"... I can probably disable that one, since I don't use Skype or headsets :D Is it because the programs are only in 32 bit?



  18. Yep, that a Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading. The second window in the task manager proves that. No missing "actual" core, but that is how it is supposed to be functioning. That's what this quote means:



    Odd that you're having problems. Are you unintentionally multitasking more than you were before? Do you know if you have DDR2 RAM? Cause it is either that or DDR (I believe) and 2 GB's will give you that boost you are looking for. DDR2 is insanely cheap right now. However, P4's are getting long in the tooth. You might want to consider saving for a new PC. Let me know what you think.




    I don't really think I'm doing anything different than before. I've worked on an image that was 100 inches wide and only received major lag when I was zooming in/out, moving the canvas around, and saving. My new brushes are quiet complex, but I can't imagine them being the reason PS freezes completely when it never froze on the 100 inch image.


    Also, yeah, I have DDR2. I am moving away to college in a few months, so I'm not sure what I'll do in regards to upgrading this computer, buying a new one, or buying a laptop. Depending on the trouble and price it is for me to get another gig, I might just do that for the sake of doing art more often before I leave. I'm trying to find a good deal on a decent-sized laptop with 3-4GB of RAM, good processor, and a decent hard drive for college too, so I don't know yet.

  19. Post a screen shot. It's unlikely you have a dual core Pentium 4. Pentium 4's have hyper threading, which emulates a second core, but Pentium 4's for the majority were single core with hyper threading. The few dual core Pentium 4's were Extreme editions, and were able to emulate two cores, for a theoretical quad core. They were mad expensive, and were no where near as good as the Core 2 quad chips.




    Screenshot of what? I'll try to get it for you tomorrow if I can. I know I definitely didn't get the Extreme edition, since I'm still using the standard processor.



  20. Is it possible for a dual-core processor to eventually end up having only one core from complications or something? I could have sworn that I had a dual-core Pentium 4 processor. <_<


    Lately, Photoshop has been freezing up when I've had the same amount of memory(and computer as a matter of fact) for a few years. I know my limits with my brushes, layers, and image sizes, but even on the simple paintings, it freezes sometimes.


    Also, I decided to open up Terragen 2 again, so I downloaded the newer version. When you start the program, it tells you how many cores and threads there are. It says, for me, 1 core and 2 threads.


    When I right click My Computer, it says "Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz, 2.99GHz, 1.00GB of RAM". Doesn't the 3.00GHz and 2.99GHz mean there are two cores?



  21. 1GB per slot and PC2 6400/800Mhz is the most you can do on your motherboard. I would recommend running the same speed and brand of memory REGARDLESS of what you get... PC5300/667Mhz wouldn't be bad either though.


    I hope this helps,



    Okay, thanks! Hopefully I can find a good deal on your suggested specs. :)

  22. My "instant email" function isn't so instant :huh:


    I don't even remember which Dell this is, as I'm assuming the drop- down list was asking for computer manufacturer. I think I picked the right one, I'm almost certain that my online Dell booklet for the computer said that the maximum RAM it can hold is 4GB and I know it's an 8400 series.


    # Graphics Support: PCI Express x16

    # Maximum Memory: 4096MB

    # Slots: 4 (2 banks of 2)

    # Standard Memory: 256 or 512MB removable

    # USB Support: 2.x Compliant


    " Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300,DDR2 PC2-6400 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.*


    *Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory."


    I've been following a site that hosts deals on multiple times of items, and there's almost always a good deal on RAM. I'm just curious if the number after PC2(like 5300) or the MHz speed mattered if I were to remove all the sticks already being used.

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