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  1. Just got advised of your post... yup, almost a year ago this started...

    Guess they're not listening, eh? I really can't understand why they either think this is not an issue to address or that they've not found the solution to the problem or someone who is from the company is not reading the forum(s). Why have a forum for customers if they do not pay attention to the customers? Image/Imagery? Fake? False? Deceivers? A lot of those out there. You can tell by their bottom line and market share most of the time.

    These are the only three possible scenarios that could be the case. The first is just plain idiocy, the second is lack of technical capability, the third is flat out stupid laziness indicating they really don't want our business. Why buy from a company whose products are buggy and who do not care enough to address the issues - for years?

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