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  1. Yeah, normally I do see these, but this time I guess I didn't. Right royal pain in the butt...!
  2. So pissed with CCleaner installing AVAST in the back ground without me knowing. What makes you think it's OK to install a program just because your CCleaner installer didn't detect my anti-virus program (I had disabled my Kaspersky due to gaming)? When I tried to uninstall AVAST, my computer froze. Two figgin hours to sort out. Windows repair again and again and then having to use restore points twice meaning I then had to make all the changes to my rig that I had done in the last 3 days. Why do you do this? Why do you bundle such programs that can install in the background with knowing the possible consequences that it may have for some users? And it isn't only me is it? Doing a search online shows that quite a number of your customers have had the same issues. If CCleaner wasn't so good, I would never use it again and never come back. Regards from one seriously pissed off customer...
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