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  1. Absolutely. I could not update my version of Kaspersky, because it could not accept the presence of Avista. I gave my laptop to an expert, who managed to solve the problem.
  2. Thanks for the interesting information. The Avast Uninstall Utility didn't work either, so if you have it installed unexpectedly, you could end up with a bitch of a problem.
  3. During the load of a version update of the Piriform CC Cleaner, the inclusion of the additional load of an anti-virus software (Avista) almost went unnoticed. This made me very angry because the positive check mark was already set and secondly, this software is incompatible with my own Kaspersky software. I had the devil of a job getting rid of the software and normal remove procedures do not work and neither do many special programs written especially to remove installed software. I find it irresponsible to make it easy to overlook the addition of an unwanted program, which can cause problems and detracts from the confidence in the Piriform software itself.
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