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  1. You could easily be forgiven for your ignorance. Avast Buys Piriform, the Company Behind CCleaner and Recuva https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/business/avast-buys-piriform-the-company-behind-ccleaner-and-recuva/
  2. If this is causing so much confusion and these files are not "Tracking Files" then Piriform should remove the labelling of files as such. I think this is unethical and misleading; people have probably wasted much time trying to sort out this issue that Piriform/Avast is responsible for. Piriform run the program themselves and must be aware of this issue. What did the Piriform developers think people would understand when they see thousands of "Tracking Files" have been removed from their computers? I am sure there are Piriform people reading these posts, why have they not given a complete and precise explanation of what is actually happening? As for the image of the man in dark glasses, they are obviously trying to imply these, "Tracking Files" are something sinister. Disgusted!
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