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  1. Doesn't matter anymore. After reading Ben's reply, from my understanding, all versions except portable should be considered untrustworthy.
  2. Living in the EU myself I'm personally seeing an awful lot of similarities between GDPR and the beginning of "The Great Firewall of China". Tinfoil hat aside, for now I'm sticking with version 5.40 portable, of which I can mostly see what it sends. And I hope both Piriform and Avast will open up more about their relationship together and what exactly it is they want, or are forced into as they did in some of the most recent topics.
  3. Another new feature added to the list. I'm pretty much done with any newer versions, but this makes me wonder if I should be done with the company altogether. I understand GDPR is a mayor sudden pain for many software and websites. Also for people within the EU, as they're slowly being separated from the rest of the world. But heck, embargoing countries? I'm not even sure anymore why it's still called a privacy tool.
  4. Always verify the file when installing an older version. Just noticed there are several downloads "out there" pretending to be ccsetup540.zip.
  5. Currently using CCleaner Free 5.43.6522 (portable) and having "Allow usage data..." unchecked, it appears CCleaner is still sending data to Google and Avast. Having read most similar threads, could someone tell what I might be overlooking here?
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