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    Data Tracking?

    CCleaner is now uninstalled - looking for an equivalent company/application that doesn't sacrifice their long-term reputation by selling their data short-term? BTW, I dual boot with Linux so what I mean is does Windows have something similar?
  2. Dazzw

    Data Tracking?

    I never allow this. When was this slipped in as the defaults for the application that's supposed to protect me from tracking? Also, trying to renew takes you to a Trustpilot survey? You had one job, CCleaner - now I'm looking for software that is actually trustworthy.
  3. MiniTool Partition Wizard Free is currently doing a "fill-sectors-with-zeros" pass so I can give this drive to my brother tomorrow and get on with my life. CCleaner was a good idea, but without support it's safer to go with the individual apps you can depend on for your privacy.
  4. I wanted privacy. I paid for CCleaner. I tried to wipe a drive. None of my drives were selectable. I tried to get support. I was forced to register on a forum to ask other users for help. No developer support. Yeah, I'll be "exploring other options"...
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