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  1. Dear @hazelnut, I'm very sorry for being blind like this, and thank you for pointing this.
  2. Since you cannot add every application known to humanity to your list, it would be nice to have a feature to have a custom cleaning check like this Name: [ Dynamic Wallpaper - Old pictures ] Clean Folder [ %UserProfile%\Pictures\Dynamic Wallpaper ] [x] Files [X] Older than [ 1 ] [ Week ] [X] Matches pattern [ *.jpg, *.png ] [X] Folders [X] Older than [ 1 ] [ Week ] [X] Matches pattern [ *\Backups ] [X] Empty In the future community can even share their own recipes. Well that's open for disaster for sure, but useful non
  3. Do you have any plans to provide a networked version where I can see information on computers connected to same network, given that I have installed speccy and I have administrative rights on these computers.
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