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  1. Sorry, I kinda forgot about this topic. There could of been differences with that VM... most my VM's are the "Standard"/"Basic"/"Pro" versions, this one was "Windows Ultimate", so, very likely had a bunch of services on that the other editions/vm do not have... that said all my VM's are basically the same when archiving (Fresh install of windows, windows update, defrag, compact; aka no 3rd party installs or services). Next time I run into a problem like that I'll definitely try a clean boot+defraggler, the services could definitely of had something to do with it. Thanks.
  2. I typically use defraggler to defrag my virtual machine guest hard drives. This usually lets me have an very large expanding hdd, but, after defrag I can "Compact" the hdd to only take up the space it actually uses before archiving it. Typically I just restart+defrag and all the blue dots gets put at the beginning, and "Compact" works great (often turning 80GB vmdk files to 20GB). However I just recently did this HDD and there are so many holes everywhere, including files put at the very end of the HDD (which doesn't do well with "Compact"): Note: I did a normal "Defrag" (typic
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