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  1. Sorry, I kinda forgot about this topic. There could of been differences with that VM... most my VM's are the "Standard"/"Basic"/"Pro" versions, this one was "Windows Ultimate", so, very likely had a bunch of services on that the other editions/vm do not have... that said all my VM's are basically the same when archiving (Fresh install of windows, windows update, defrag, compact; aka no 3rd party installs or services). Next time I run into a problem like that I'll definitely try a clean boot+defraggler, the services could definitely of had something to do with it. Thanks.
  2. I typically use defraggler to defrag my virtual machine guest hard drives. This usually lets me have an very large expanding hdd, but, after defrag I can "Compact" the hdd to only take up the space it actually uses before archiving it. Typically I just restart+defrag and all the blue dots gets put at the beginning, and "Compact" works great (often turning 80GB vmdk files to 20GB). However I just recently did this HDD and there are so many holes everywhere, including files put at the very end of the HDD (which doesn't do well with "Compact"): Note: I did a normal "Defrag" (typically all I do), and after seeing all the holes I did a "Defrag Freespace" and then a "Defrag Freespace (allow fragmentation)". The end result is above. Note at one point i had 700kB fragmented files (12 total fragments) and it still looked very similar to the above (little less red). Is there anything I can do to make the fragmentation more optimized for virtual machine compacting (no freespace holes, everything at the beginning)? Settings or such? Everything right now is default (or is defraggler just not going to do what I want it to do in some cases?). Thanks.
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